My own secret ceremonials.

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Karley. Nineteen. I See Stars. North Carolina.


the true american experience is wondering if you just heard firecrackers or gunshots

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my brain has too many tabs open

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my life’s resume: i tried

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being so fucking attracted to someone who’s famous feels so fucking ridiculous like you know you have no chance with them in any way at all like you barely have a chance to fucking meet them

but you still just

are so attracted to them

so, so attracted to them

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When you slowly start hating someone you were friends with.


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never like a boy you’ll end up either hating them or hating yourself

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Seeing your favorite people suffer immensely and you cannot do anything to help them more like


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Things That Give Me Anxiety.

  • being late
  • things i said five minutes ago
  • things i said five years ago
  • people touching me
  • being around a ton of people
  • being yelled at
  • wondering if people are talking about me
  • every action i do
  • and just about everything else

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